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Eco-Friendly Building Practices

These days, the market is constantly inundated with new products and features for "Building Green," and we're always interested in new processes and products. Our focus is on the benefits they provide, if they're worthwhile and cost-effective, and why our customers may be interested in using them. To us, that is the test that matters.

We've used a number of environmentally progressive technologies and materials which we're happy to discuss and recommend to you. And if you're interested in something we haven't used, we'll explore the pros & cons, and possibilities to determine what's appropriate for you.

Specific items we have used or advocate include:

  • ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) wall systems

  • Spray foam insulation (open & closed cell)

  • Unventilated attics

  • Geothermal heating & cooling systems

  • In-floor radiant heat (hydronic and electric)

  • Recycled building materials

  • Passive and active solar design

  • Underground rainwater storage for irrigation

  • Natural and saltwater swimming pools

Since we work so closely with each of our customers, it is easy for us to help you evaluate which of these or other features may be worth considering for your new home.

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